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Pictures of Eczema

What Does Eczema Look Like

One of the first questions you will ask yourself is “what does eczema look like?”

Well that all depends on the severity. It can be almost negligible (like dry spots I get on my elbows)  to so bad that you won’t want to be seen in public. And then there is the itching and the pain….

Below are some pictures of eczema to help you identify possible eczema.

Eczema Eczema and Dishydrosis on Toes

day 270

eczema01Eczema behind knee

wasEczema behind knees and on legs

Eczema can manifest itself any place on your body but areas where the skin is stressed more by movement (behind joints like knees or elbows) or areas where you are prone to sweating are more vulnerable.

Your body, especially your skin (your largest organ) is very resilient and is very capable of healing itself if given the chance. Identifying and reducing exposure to, or completely eliminating the triggers are your fist step to healthy skin.

Good Health To You

Laura Jean

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